We do continuously work hard on growing the East meets West network and by that we meet true personalities. But we do not keep these connections for ourself. In contrary, we do share it with our network and wide public. In this way we bring among SPOTLIGHT SERIES keynote speakers who will open new perspectives for you, you will virtually meet people coming from countries you might have never been to. We bring speakers to a panel talk and you will get the occasion to intervene directly in the discussion. Sometimes there will be moments when it will be very quiet, moments when LGBTI people will share with you how their daily battle for a normal life with their love ones still brings them in danger and at the same time you will get good news from countries we kind of given up on.


Our 2020 SPOTLIGHT SERIES will bring on stage again our 2020 Conference East meets West speakers. It is a rich palette of speakers who all deserve to be heard again. The list include diversity executives, business owners, urban professionals, diplomats and politicians and strong individuals that make a difference in their often difficult environment.


The schedule is in CET (Central European Time Zone)

July 10, 2020, 14:30 – 16:00

The Economic and Business Case for Global LGBTI Inclusion

Were all are impressed by the ground-breaking work done by the Open For Business coalition. Moreover, they started to build a data-driven economic case for LGBTI rights in Eastern Europe and will run this break-out as an interactive session with business leaders, activists, and academics who will provide input and shape your thinking. This way also our CEE participants can make the foundations of their work way stronger.

  • Drew Keller, Global Program Director at Open For Business, USA
  • George Perlov, Eastern Europe Program Lead at Open For Business, Germany

About Speakers

Drew Keller is the Global Program Director for Open For Business, the coalition of leading global companies dedicated to LGBT+ inclusion. He oversees the planning and implementation of all of Open For Business’s programs and manages the relationships with corporate and civil society partners. Prior to Open For Business, Drew was a management consultant for McKinsey & Company.

George Perlov is the Berlin-based consultant who has over 20 years of experience in research, strategy and evaluation projects, with particular focus on social causes. He led a communications needs assessment for ILGA-Europe and now supporting Open For Business with its new Eastern European program. He has worked with numerous businesses, foundations and NGOs, including The Heinz Endowments and The New York Times.